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Unit 3, 88-92 Jardine Street, Fairy Meadow

Directions from Sydney:

  • Follow F6 freeway south after Sutherland
  • Follow Signs to Wollongong
  • On Approaching Bulli Pass do not turn off keep following express way down to Mt Ousley
  • At the bottom of Mt Ousley Hill there is a Y junction, turn off here to enter Wollongong
  • Once you reach the round about in front of McDonalds and Hungry Jacks turn left
  • Count six sets of Traffic lights from this round about
  • On the sixth one turn left into Jardine Street
  • We are at: Unit 3, 88-92 Jardine Street

Adam Jordan - Owner/Engineer - Producer


Adam Jordan began his career in audio in 2000, under the instruction of Pete Gage (Nekromantix, The Meteors). In 2002 Adam began working at Main Street Studios alongside Rob Specogna. By 2004 Adam was engineering the majority of the sessions at Main Street, working on albums and releases for Australian bands as well as overseas clients. In 2009 Adam took over ownership of the studio and has been working to further build the studios reputation. Since being at Main Street Adam has produced and engineered thousands of recordings for international and national artists as well as film and television projects.

"My aim is for the artists to be relaxed and comfortable and enjoy the recording experience to capture the desired vibe. The most important thing is that it's not the engineer/mixers song, its yours! I mix for your style of music, the intended audience and of course the band, as well as making the songs sound competitive against other commercial mixes."

Selected Discography

  • Mondo Generator - Dog Food EP
  • Over-Reactor - Over-Reactor vs Main Street Studios
  • The Sacred Truth - Reflections Of Tragedy
  • Battalion - Into Harms Way
  • Choirboys - Big Bad & Acoustic
  • Dungeon - The Final Chapter
  • Reason Strikes - The Art of Chaos
  • LORD - Ascendence
  • Run For Cover - Ruff As Guts
  • Jolan - 'Falling Apart' from Lost in Song E.P
  • King Farook - 4-Piece Feed
  • Bennie James & The Hesitant Few
  • Free Agent Crew
  • Contraban - Here To Stay



Joshua Craig - Producer - Electrical Engineer - Musician - Live Sound Engineer


Joshua Craig began his life in music dabbling in the Piano, Trumpet and Violin. Since then he has moved into composition and production, studying at the University of Wollongong and working at Main Street Studios. Since then, Joshua has involved himself in a wide range of projects experimenting with modern technologies and pushing his own musical boundaries. He has collaborated with others as a keyboardist in bands/groups (The Pennys, Bennie James, Pat Arnold), worked individually (Feedback), engineered live shows (Otis Bar, 1/4 Inch, Voltage) and produced his own work. Currently, Josh is completing his Honours year at UOW and assisting Adam Jordan at Main Street as a musician, producer and electrical engineer.


  • B. Creative Arts (Sound Composition and Music Production) with Distinction


  • "Joshua Craig could be considered to be somewhat of a musical inquisitor; rather than simply learning certain aspects of a musical aesthetic, he attempts to tap into the method and motivation behind a diverse range of influences, from John Cage to Miles Davis, drawing more from their philosophy than their works, and using them as a framework for his own modernistic ideas." S.H.

  • "Joshua Craig is normally behind the piano for twee folk-rockers The Pennys. Like a secret-identity mad scientist, however, he's also been hard at work on a bizarre polar opposite. The preview of his creations that has been given out is a strange one to describe - it's atmospheric, spaced-out, repetitive and rather unconventional. It's a few thousand light years away from his day job, that much is for sure. But how to describe it? Perhaps the best way to go about doing so would be to hypothesise what would happen if Sigur Ros took control of the Starship Enterprise and everything in it. It's an out of this world experiment that can only get more adventurous from here." D.Y.



The Producers job is to help you get the recording that you want to make. In most cases the music producer is also a competent arranger, composer or songwriter who can bring fresh ideas to your tracks.

As well as making any songwriting and arrangement adjustments, the producer is also in charge of the creative mix. He or she will liase with the sound engineer who concentrates on the technical aspects of recording, whereas the music producer keeps an eye on the overall projects marketability. Some sound engineers also produce.

Encouraging the best musical performance, coaching the artist and directing the backing vocalists are just a few of the mixture of functions that a music producer is expected to perform. They act as a go-between, translating your needs into the technicians point of view and protect the artist and record labels interests.

Their role is essential to record companies and hiring a producer for your album project should be considered if you have a reasonable recording budget. An experienced producer may even help you with contacts to help promote your music and advice on publishing, royalties and other aspects of the music industry.

Producers work in different ways. Some like to take total control of the project, others prefer to collaborate with the artist, musicians and technicians as a creative partner to produce the best track possible and the invisible or documentary style producer records what has happened during a performance with as little influence as possible. The latter type is quite common in classical and jazz circles but less so in rock and pop music.

Choosing a producer who you can work well with is important to the success of the project. Listen to past projects, get a list of credits, talk to a few of their clients and spend some time getting to know the prospective producer to see if you are on the same wavelength.

Hiring someone who is enthusiastic about your music, knows the genre and is objective enough to offer constructive criticism is essential. You need someone who will provide an honest opinion whilst offering viable solutions that you both feel comfortable with.

Contact us if you would like someone to discuss producing your next project.

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